Laser Tattoo Removal is Now Easier Than Ever

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Today, tattoos are a culturally accepted form of body art and can be seen just about everywhere. According to recent data, almost 10% of the US Population has a tattoo, but almost 50% of people with tattoos consider removal at some point. Once a long and tedious process, tattoo removal is now easier than ever. If you have a tattoo you now regret or are looking to free up some space for a new design, here are some things you should know before your treatment.


During tattoo removal, laser lights are applied to the tattoo. The light is absorbed by the ink, and essentially breaks down the pigments into smaller pieces. In the days and weeks to follow, your immune system will break down the ink particles and flush them from your system, causing the tattoo to fade. Depending on the age of the tattoo, the variety of colored ink used, and the size of the art, many treatments may require as many as 15 sessions for removal.  At Allure Medical, you can plan on a 75% reduction after just four treatments. If you have a particularly large or stubborn tattoo, of course it could take a few more. Factors including the density of ink, the location of the art on the body, skin tone, and even lifestyle habits may influence the number of sessions you need to remove your tattoo.

Allure Medical uses a procedural technique that is faster and safer than other removal services. We use the most advanced tattoo removal laser ever built that fires at a speed of one trillionth of a second (others fire in a billionth of a second.) This make the energy delivered to the ink faster and more effective. Our tattoo removal specialists can offer you a free consultation to help you get an idea of how many sessions your tattoo may need. Of course, there is no way of knowing exactly how a tattoo will react to the process, so the amount of time is a professional estimate. You should also be aware that tattoo removal is often considered a cosmetic or elective procedure, so your insurance may not cover the cost of the removal.

What to Expect and General Aftercare:

  • Your technician will offer you a mask or safety glasses in order to protect your eyes from the laser during the procedure.
  • You skin will be treated with a cooling or numbing agent or a local anesthetic to lessen the pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • The laser is then pulsed against your skin. The sensation is often described as feeling like an elastic band being snapped against your skin.
  • After the procedure you will want to apply an ice pack to the area to ease any discomfort. In order to reduce the possibility of scarring, avoid swimming and direct sunlight for the first 24 hours after the procedure. After the first day, be sure to keep the area clean and out of the sun while it heals. You will apply a bandage to the area and apply a high SPF sunscreen to the area for protection. You should avoid sun exposure during treatments.
  • You will need about six to eight weeks between each session, so the area heals before starting the process again

While many factors play into the success of your tattoo removal, the ink should get lighter with every visit. If you have been considering removing your unwanted tattoo, now is the time to consider the PicoSure guaranteed laser offered here at Allure Medical. It’s safer, more effective, and affordable.