New laser eyelid wrinkle treatment published by Dr. Brett Kotlus

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A new laser treatment for eyelid wrinkles was published by Dr. Kotlus in the latest issue of Dermatologic Surgery, a peer-reviewed journal.  He describes a “dual-depth” laser treatment using the fractional CO2 laser on the eyelid skin.  The laser is also called ActiveFX and DeepFX, two applications of the laser that treat different levels of the skin.  By treating superficial and deep skin layers at the same time, Dr. Kotlus has been able to improve surface sun damage, brown spots, and deep wrinkles in one treatment.

lower blephShown here is a patient who received the dual-depth laser treatment at the same time as a lower eyelid lift to shift bulging fat, reducing the appearance of lower eyelid bags. The laser enhances the lower eyelid lift by firming the eyelid skin and creating a smoother appearance. Patients should expect about a week of redness after the laser, although swelling can last longer than a week.