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Laser Tattoo Removal in Michigan

PicoSure – Guaranteed Results in One Treatment*

Do you have a tattoo that you would like removed?

It doesn’t matter why you got the tattoo in the first place. It doesn’t matter why you no longer want it. The time has arrived where you no longer have to live with regret. There is now a safe and fast way for you to get rid of it.

Nearly all of the tattoo removal lasers on the market take an average of 15 treatments to remove 75% of the ink in a process that can take up to 2.5 years. 15 treatments!

However the most powerful tattoo removal laser ever built fires so quickly and precisely, that the same reduction can be achieved in just 2-4 treatments. The machine is called the PicoSure laser, and Allure Medical in Michigan is one of a few practices to offer patients access to this amazing technology.

So, do you want to get rid of your tattoo?

If you said “yes,” the next question is “Do you want to remove it in 15 treatments, or 2-4 treatments?”

Of course, you’ll probably chose the option that is much quicker, safer and is substantially less expensive (because it is much quicker and safer, it winds up being less expensive – can it get any better than that?)

Laser Tattoo Removal Michigan - Before and After Photos

*Certain conditions apply; results may vary based on skin type and tattoo ink color


At Allure Medical. we we use the most advanced tattoo removal laser ever built. It took more than ten years for laser scientists to build this laser.  It has been tested thoroughly. The intention was to build a laser that would smash the tattoo ink more efficiently than anything else ever created. This is called the PicoSure laser.

PicoSure refers to the laser firing in one trillionth of a second.  If you are interested in the science of lasers, here it is in a nutshell:   All of the other tattoo removal lasers fire in a billionth of a second.  The PicoSure laser delivers the energy much faster.  So, it smashes the ink far more effectively, and it is so fast, that it is less likely to harm your skin.

They hurt going on, and they hurt coming off.  Because Allure Medical is a medical/surgical office, we have options to make the experience as tolerable as possible.  We can numb your skin with cream, give you an injection, or, in some cases, offer sedation.

In most cases, yes, it will be completely gone.  There are certain colors that are more difficult to remove, and older tattoos can be more stubborn.

With certain types of tattoos, a 75% reduction is seen after 2-4 treatments.  More stubborn tattoos will require more treatments.   However, this is much, much faster than anything else we’ve seen.

Right now, the PicoSure is cleared for lighter skin types.  It eventually will be tuned to treat darker skin, but for now, the 2-4 treatment protocol is for dark tattoos on light skin.  Darker skin still requires a different type of laser.

Cost is based on the size and the amount of ink.  You can assume that it will cost about $500-$2,000 for most tattoos.  This is a total cost, not per treatment.  For a FREE consultation, or to learn more about PicoSure, give us a call at 800-577-2570.