Stem Cell for Arthritic Knees: Seminar Series

stem cells for arthritic knees seminar dr.mok

Regrowing Your Knee Cartilage

Dr. Mok discusses how his new method for stem cells promotes cartilage growth, even in people with bone on bone arthritis. Learn how Allure’s process is easier, more effective and less risk than the competitors.

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Turning Your Own Fat Cells into Stem Cells

This new method practiced at Allure Medical collects 500x more stem cells derived from your own fat than any other method.

  • We use FDA-cleared equipment to collect a sample of your fat cells and turn them into stem cells
  • 94% response rate from over 150 patients treated at Allure Medical
  • We DO NOT use stem cells derived from bone marrow

“We have never seen anything like this before. Instead of putting a Band-Aid® on arthritis pain with drugs and shots, we’re actually able to regenerate the joint. So far, all of our patients have responded to stem cell treatments.”

–  Dr. Charles Mok, Allure Medical Founder

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Sneak Peek

Get a preview from Dr.Mok on how stem cells derived from your own fat cells is the most effective and easy way to regrow cartilage in arthritic knees.

“I was in pain for three years and wanted to do something about it, but a friend told me to be careful what I had done. He’d had surgery on one knee and stem cell treatments on the other. The knee with the regular surgery worked in that he no longer had pain, but he said he hardly had any feeling in that knee whereas the stem cell knee felt like it was brand-new. The treatment at Allure didn’t take long, and it was heaven for me because there was no pain when the doctor injected the stem cells into my knee.”

–  Joe Fobear, Allure Medical Patient

Happy Patients. Abundant Economy.

A series written by Allure Medical’s founder, Dr. Charles Mok.

At Allure, we believe in curing a disease, not just managing symptoms. Out-dated treatments are putting a huge burden on our nation’s economy and causing patients unnecessary suffering. We have the power to make an incredible shift in care and that is exactly what we are going to do.

Booklet Series Coming Soon!

 Starting this October, a booklet will be released monthly on a different topic. Booklets will also be available for digital download, right here on our website.

Stem Cell for Arthritis Edition

Dr. Mok’s booklet on Stem Cell for Arthritis will be available to you at the event for free. This edition of Happy Patients. Abundant Economy. touches on:

  • The comparison of other methods using “stem cells” vs. Allure’s
  • Allure’s stem cell therapy process
  • The economic burden of knee replacement surgery
  • The response rates of stem cell therapy for the knees
  • Multiple studies using stem cells
  • And much more

This booklet will also be available for digital download on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.